After series of European fashion shows, it’s time to be in Asia in October. Amazon fashion week Tokyo is another one can’t wait to visit.  Unfortunately I just got the serious cold with cough that cancelled the trip finally. 

However, what are the bright spot of the show  ?

Editor’s picks:  2017 Spring and Summer collection

Brand:  YOSHIKIMONO         Designer: YOSHIKI

Yoshiki’s style on kimono. You may see the zebra pattern also found his jacket on  X Japan’s show from recent Visual Japan Summit 2016, Oct 14-16.


Brand:  ACUOD by CHANU    Designer: CHANWOO LEE


Brand:  Zin Kato    Designer: Zin Kato


Brand:  Leonard Wong    Designer: Leonard Wong


Fashion Hong Kong :

Brand: Charlie Ho  Designer: Charlie Ho


Brand: House of V  Designer: Vickie Au


Brand: LoomLoop  Designer: Polly Ho


Asian Fashion meets Tokyo (Philippines)

Designer: Joseph Agustin S. Bagasao / BENCH / Carl Jan Cruz / Karen Topacio


Text by Venus

Photos (source: from official website)


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