“We are X” film  is one of the Top  5 Must-See  best movies  in 2016.  During the daily life, you can see Yoshiki is always hardworking on Twitter /Social media. And he has huge passion on music. 

XJAPAN documentary shoot © Tanya Braganti

Few weeks later It’s almost time to adjust the anti-clockwise to 1 hour behind in North  America.

Life must go on.  It’s autumn now and it is beautiful  in North  America especially in East coast with maple leaves. 


If you missed  the chance to watch the film “We are X ” in Hong Kong, Singapore, Vancouver,  Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and KaohSiung.

HKIFF | Hong Kong: Aug 2016 (sold out)

DFF | Singapore: Sep 3,9 ,10, 11 (sold out)

VIFF | Vancouver: Oct 1, 5 & 9 

BFI | London: Oct 8 & 9  (sold out)

KFF | Kaohsiung (Taiwan) : Nov 5 (Sold out)

Where is the next to watch “We are X” film 

Los Angeles (Nuart Theatre) : Oct 21 -27, with Q&A on Oct 21, 22 & 23

…..more updates on wearexfilm.com

Where is the next for “Visual Japan Summit 2016”

Tokyo: Oct 14, 15 & 16 (all sold out)

Live viewing in Hong Kong on the same day at MCL Theatre.

Where is the next for Yoshiki Classical World Tour

Early of Dec in Japan (Osaka & Tokyo)

Dec 29 in Hong Kong (Asia World Expo)

Jan 12 & 13, 2017 in New York City

March, 2017 in London (X Japan)


生命中總有不能承受的輕,  年少總會輕狂,然而我們總需要原諒別人的過錯(如有)。

偶然查看舊電話, 那個我還捨不得刪除的app, 是集結 米蘭·昆德拉 的小說和文集,除了有《生命中不能承受之輕》, 還有印象難忘的《玩笑》。

Text by Venus
Source: internet

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