Cine Fan 夏日國際電影節 :向大師致敬
伊朗大師基阿魯斯達米不幸於七月病逝,SummerIFF16 特別選映導演 2010 年作品《似是有緣人》(Certified Copy) 以作懷念。導演首次離開熟悉的伊朗文化背景,赴意大利取景,起用國際明星,卻無損他對電影的思考與實驗。茱麗葉庇洛仙更憑本片獲封康城影后。
關於女主角Juliette Binoche:
她就是主演過藍/白/紅( ” Bleu ” , “Rouge” & “Blanc”)
片中取景意大利中部小鎮托斯卡尼(Tuscany),位於佛羅倫斯附近,就是最近詹宏志在其書展講座提及他的新書「旅行與䜖書」在托斯卡尼的美食足跡,而同時鄧達智也在其書展講座中推介此小鎮,其嘉賓講者Gigi 姐黃淑儀也曾在此小鎮跟米芝蓮大廚進修烹飪。
2010 康城影展最佳女演員獎
21/08/2016 (日):設映後座談會,講者黃愛玲、張偉雄、李焯桃
《Certified Copy》
Is the imitation as good as the original? Art expert James Miller (William Shimell) says so, intriguing the stunning Juliette Binoche. Leaving her son behind, the two wander the Tuscan countryside, talking about these and other issues, until a chance encounter in a café transforms their relationship into one that seems much more like a family than many originals. In Kiarostami’s first feature film outside Iran and his penultimate directorial turn, he pays homage to Rossellini’s Journey to Italy (1954) while imbuing the film with his special craftsmanship, visual framing and ambiguities. While known for his use of non-professionals, Kiarostami’s collaboration with Binoche, who won Best Actress at Cannes, delights us as we remember a master.
2010 Cannes Film Festival, Best Actress
21/08/2016 (Sun): Post-screening discussion with Wong Ain-ling, Bryan Chang and Li Cheuk-to

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