If you are in Seattle now, must watch  the 42nd Annual Seattle International Film Festival.

The Intervention: Saturday Film & Party

SIFF - Intervention

Saturday Film & Party | May 28 | Film: AMC Pacific Place Cinemas | Party: Seattle Art Museum

USA | 2016 | 91 minutes | Clea DuVall

Director Clea DuVall and Producer Mel Eslyn scheduled to attend.

Actress Clea DuVall’s directorial debut is a modern twist on The Big Chill, with a top-notch indie cast portraying a group of friends whose reunion getaway goes south when it is revealed that the trip was orchestrated as an intervention for one troubled marriage.

May 28 · 6:30pm · AMC Pacific Place
May 29 · 3:30pm · Shoreline Community College

Saturday night, done right! SIFF features a screening followed by a reception complete with food, drink, and music at the Seattle Art Museum!

Saturday Film & Party: The Intervention | May 28 | Film: AMC Pacific Place Cinemas | Party: Seattle Art Museum

Actress Clea DuVall (But I’m a Cheerleader, The Faculty) makes her directorial debut in this relationship dramedy analogous to reunion films like Lawrence Kasdan’s The Big Chill. Annie (Melanie Lynskey, Heavenly Creatures, Hello I Must Be Going) gathers a group of her long-term friends to meet at a lakeside cabin for what seems to be a regular annual get-together. In reality, Annie and her friends are staging an intervention for one couple, Ruby (Cobie Smulders) and Peter (Vincent Piazza), and their intolerable marriage. Convinced they’re the only ones who can knock some sense into the constantly bickering pair, the friends—played by an all-star indie cast including Natasha Lyonne, Alia Shawkat, Jason Ritter, and Ben Schwartz—sit them down to try to persuade them to end their marriage. Over the course of an evening, the friends must confront their own personal flaws and learn what it takes to be in a working relationship—whatever that means. Delivered with authenticity and a constant flow of humorous dialogue from an exceptionally funny and talented cast, The Intervention is a touching and comic look at the willpower of love and friendship, and when it’s necessary to butt in.
Director Biography
Clea DuVall is a celebrated actor, born in Los Angeles, well known for her roles in 1999’sBut I’m a Cheerleader and 2012’s Argo. She makes her directorial debut with The Intervention, for which she also wrote the screenplay.

Moon in the 12th House

Yareah Be Bait 12

Israel | 2016 | 110 minutes | Dorit Hakim

World Premiere | Director Dorit Hakim is scheduled to attend.

When a pair of estranged Israeli sisters—one who stayed at the childhood home to care for their debilitated father, the other who left for a new life in Tel Aviv—are reunited, they must come to terms with the circumstances that tore them apart.

May 27 · 6:30pm · SIFF Cinema Uptown
May 29 · 12:30pm · SIFF Cinema Uptown

Sisters Mira and Lanny, once close, are now living very separate lives. Lanny, 21, a sheltered introvert, still lives in her childhood home, taking care of their debilitated father and looking after the sexy teenage neighbor boy while his parents are away. Older sister Mira is a hostess at a Tel Aviv nightclub, having left home many years before, following their mother’s death. An on-again, off-again relationship with the club’s owner comes to an abrupt end when Mira discovers she’s pregnant. One night she shows up at Lanny’s door, and the reunion forces the sisters to face the past and the tragedy that tore them apart. For Mira, this also means making peace with her estranged father; for Lanny, it means learning to assert herself in the face of her sister’s more dominant personality. But despite their differences, the sisters’ love and affection, and their painful shared history, bind them fast and lead them toward a fragile redemption. An impressive debut feature by Dorit Hakim, who demonstrates a gift for tracing the intricate subtleties of complicated family dynamics,Moon in the 12th House also features remarkably nuanced and naturalistic performances from its two young lead actresses.

Director Biography
Director/screenwriter Dorit Hakim is a graduate of the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School in Jerusalem. Dorit’s short film Small Change won the prestigious Silver Lion Award for Best Film at the Venice Film Festival.

Photos: SIFF.net


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