國際生活時尚品牌Club Monaco於早前三月發佈2016春季廣告大片。 全新廣告大片的靈感源自40年代的寬鬆廓形風格以及Jeanloup Sief的攝影作品,由英國模特Olympia Campbell和紐約電影製作人Sam Hayes傾情演繹,並由Lachlan Bailey掌鏡。

Club Monaco創意總監Caroline Belhumeur表示:「此次廣告大片的拍攝地點是紐約格林威治村內的演出者工作室,我們從40年代的電影中汲取靈感,從那個時代鏡頭下的繆斯女神身上激發創意,勾勒出當代繆斯的風采。 」Belhumeur選擇Olympia Campbell作為電影導演Sam Hayes的繆斯,生動詮釋演出者與其生活、作品及其靈感之間的靈動關係。

這一系列採用休閒寬鬆的海洋風突顯40年代的服飾風格,由棉麻混紡面料打造的輕快休閒的廓形,同時不失女性線條的裁剪。 經典條紋、格子與泡泡紗面料在雕塑美學的精妙輪廓中得到重新演繹,散發著輕鬆愜意的氣息。 男裝系列採用質感條紋面料,融匯海洋風流行元素,休閒而不失精緻的都會男士風躍然衣間。 各種易於配襯的沙褐色和海綠色單品,勾勒出海洋與沙灘夏日度假的情調。

Club Monaco, the international lifestyle brand, launch their Spring 2016 advertising campaign in March. Inspired by relaxed silhouettes of the 1940’s and the photography of Jeanloup Sief, the new campaign features British model Olympia Campbell and New York filmmaker Sam Hayes, photographed by Lachlan Bailey.

“Shot inside an artist-in-residence studio in New York’s Greenwich Village, we drew inspiration from 1940’s film,” said Caroline Belhumeur, Club Monaco creative director. “Filtered through a cinematic lens, we explore the idea of a muse from this time period and what she might look like today.” Belhumeur casts Olympia Campbell as muse to film director Sam Hayes, bringing to life the dynamic relationship between the artist, his life, his work and his inspiration.

Highlighting 1940’s shapes with a relaxed coastal influence, the collection is clean with feminine silhouettes in airy and carefree cotton and linen blends. Classic plaid, gingham and seersucker are reinterpreted in sculptural shapes that exude a sense of ease. For men, textured stripes channel a coastal influence, evoking a relaxed yet polished feeling, while a palette of sandy tans and sea greens is reminiscent of the ocean and sand.




Olympia Campbell, DNA Models
Sam Hayes, The Collaborative Agency


Lachlan Bailey, Management + Artists


Creative Director
Caroline Belhumeur, Club Monaco Creative Director and SVP of Women’s Design


Aleksandra Woroniecka, Management + Artists


Yannick d’Is


Romy Soleimani





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