首次在紐約曼哈頓上東區的私人排屋展示, Club Monaco 2015年秋/冬系列 : 品牌作為一種獨特的生活方式目標, 結合現實生活的時尚與設計。

以位於Tribeca私人排屋作為背景, 2015年秋/冬系列注重真實性,以輕鬆故事手法,實現高貴與週全的男女服裝系列的生活方式。

Club Monaco FW15 Ad Campaign

Following on the heels of the brand’s first collection presentation at a private townhome on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Club Monaco’s Fall/Winter 2015 campaign defines the brand as a one-of-a-kind lifestyle destination – connecting fashion and design with real life.

With a private Tribeca townhouse serving as the backdrop, the Fall/Winter 2015 campaign focuses on authenticity, telling a story of effortless yet attainable luxury, with thoughtful women’s and men’s collections living alongside a well-curated lifestyle.

Club Monaco Fall/Winter 2015 Advertising Campaign:

Creative Director: Caroline Belhumeur

Photographer : Lachlan Bailey

Female Models : Steffy Argelich, Lina Berg

Male Model : Janis Ancens 

Hair : Yannick D’IS (Management & Artists)

Makeup : Romy Soleimani (Tim Howard Management) 

Styling: Aleksandra Woroniecka

Location: Private home in Tribeca, New York City

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